10 years down the road… [prose]

Yesterday at teacher training we were joined by Bridgewater Lululemon Assistant Manager, Britanny.  She led us through the goal setting, one of the core principles of the company – second only to high quality, high priced, kick-ass yoga clothes.  One exercise had us lying on our backs in the dark with our eyes closed visualizing what our life is like 10 years from today.  I do not see things when I visualize but rather feel words.  These are the words I felt.  

[  It looks like this life look but 10 years down the road.  It looks unpredictable yet safe.  Restless but happy.  It looks green and luscious and I am full of sunshine. I am light on my feet and moving, moving, always moving.  I am beautiful and graceful and his is strong, whoever he may be.  He is solid and kind and has rough hands from work, but a gentle touch.

I am growing things, marvelous things.  I am going and growing and staying and spending time with earth and people and god and silence.

I am writing and dancing and sharing and singing and my friends come and cook the green and we eat and laugh and pray.

It looks a lot like this life looks but 10 years down the road.  It looks like me.  ]

How do you see yourself in ten years?  What feelings do you want to have?  What colors do you see?  Who is there with you?  Sit with it for a minute.  

For more information see #readysetgoals! (a Lululemon blog).


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