The inevitable question…


Indeed, why yoga??

There is the stretch and the strength in equal parts. The asana lengthen the body and tone the muscles.

There is the movement. It elevates the heart rate.

There is the breath. It replenishes the oxygen in the blood.

There is the whimsy. With names like “cow face pose” or the translation, Gomukasana, how can one NOT laugh.

There is the giddy fun. Stand on your head for a minute and try not to let the head rush effect you.

There is the devotion. It is an ancient practice you can feel through your being.

There is chanting and laughing and straining and ease. There is power and passion and grace. There is vulnerability, humility and praise.

There is…

this feeling of connection. This ineffable immovable irreplaceable tree. It grows roots into the ground and sprouts up through me. Only do I feel this earth sky connection so clear as when I am standing in mountain and flowing the the stream through vinyasa. Only then can I feel the drum song of the earth, the heartbeat of the mother. Her breath moves through me and I am expansive, the whole world sharing this moment in time. I have found the spirit in me.

That is why I do yoga.

Why do you do yoga? No right or wrong here.


Tell me what you think.

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