An afternoon snack [recipe]

or a full meal!

Here is my recipe for a yummy spring roll.

Step 2.

Gather your ingredients.

Here I have Pea Shoots, Super firm tofu, Hot Lime relish and a red pepper which I slice thin. You can use any ingredients you have lying around.  I love to use salad greens or avocados or a stirfry.

Step 1.

I use brown rice wraps I found at whole foods in the Asian food section.

You will need a pan of warm water.

Remove one wrap from the packaging, careful not to snap it.  Soak the wrap in the warm water for about 10-15 seconds, using your fingers to push it flat.  The wrap should become flexible but not completely soft (it will get softer as it soaks up more water once it is removed).

Take the wrap out of the water and lay it on a dry clean towel.  Pat the top dry.

Step 3.

Pile the ingredients on to the wrap.

I like to fold the bottom up first.  Then the right side.  Then I fold the top down tightly over everything.  Then using your fingers to hold everything in roll the wrap to close the last side.

This can be tricky at first but once you get the hang of it, it’s super fun and looks impressive ;).


I like to make a dipping sauce from cashew butter, rice vinegar, liquid aminos and agave.


7 thoughts on “An afternoon snack [recipe]

  1. I haven`t seen brown rice wraps before, only the white ones. I`ll need to look into that. I`m also really excited by that lime relish, as I love lime desserts and in Thai food. I`ll have to try this version! I posted a Viet. wrap recipe a few days ago, but this has a lot more cool and special ingredients! 🙂

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