Gomukhasana (cow face pose)

Cow face!?!  Who knows?  But this is a great hip and shoulder opener.  I find it very grounding.

(It is also called bull seat)


1.  begin seated with the legs straight out in front (dandasana)

2. Bend the right leg and cross the leg over the left thigh, placing the foot on the floor outside the left thigh.

3.  Bend the left knee and draw the left heel into the right hip.

4.  Pull the right heel into the right thigh and stack the right knee on top of the left.

5.  Flex the feet to protect the knees.

OPTION: To help stack the knees after both feet are pulled in towards the hips, rock forward onto your hands and knees and stack the knees.  Then sit back between the heels.

2013-01-25 22.48.32

1.  Lift the right arm up by the ear.  Bend the elbow, like you are patting yourself on the back.  (You can grabe the elbow with the left hand and pull towards the midline to help bring the hand further down the back.)

2. Reach the left hand behind the back and bend the elbow.  Reach for the right fingertips.

OPTION: If you cannot reach the fingertips to one another grab the shirt or use a strap to bring openness and start to walk the hands towards each other.

2013-01-25 23.00.02


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