Being a Bad-@ss Yogini

We all wanna be bad-ass.  Here are lessons in bad-assery I am learning through the yamas of the Yoga Sutras.

The Yamas:

Ahimsa ~ Nonviolence
Then: When I was first learning to drive I thought I was bad-ass because I liked to speed.
Working on: Being a safe driver.  It is bad-ass to try to not kill other people on the road.  Driving with the flow of traffic and stopping at stop signs is my MO.

Satya ~ Truthfulness
Then: I was a bad-ass for telling my mom I was going to the library when I really went to the shooting range.
Working on: Keeping my parents in the loop.  It is totally bad-ass to help others avoid the harm of worrying.

Asteya ~ Nonstealing
Then: I thought it was bad-ass to bring ice-cream cones to school in order to steal ice-cream from the machine.
Now: I’m bad-ass enough to pay for the things I want or not have them.

Brahmacharya ~ Nonexcess
Then: In college I thought it was bad-ass to go out and get wasted.
Working on: Practicing moderation.  It is bad-ass to take total care of my body.

Aparigraha ~ Nongreed
Then: I thought it was bad-ass to do all the best poses.  Nothing less than perfection will do.
Working on: Being a bad-ass at the level I am.  There is no need to be possessive over my poses.  Through letting go, I will go farther than I imagined possible.




6 thoughts on “Being a Bad-@ss Yogini

  1. Nice! Working on aparigraha with my poses too. Very hard letting go of the “grrrr!” attitude of pushing yourself in practice but really rewarding when I can and I start to trust my body knows what’s best

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