In the beginning

Why did I become a yoga teacher?  I don’t really know.

I didn’t really make a choice to become a yoga teacher. It just sort of happened. I didn’t even realize what being a yoga teacher would mean for my life until I became one.  It rocked my world in a good way.

In teacher training we were asked why we chose to become a yoga teacher. I don’t really remember what I said, but I must’ve said something. Something along the lines of: I have been doing yoga for 10 years and really love yoga and I would like to share it with others.  This is true.  But I didn’t really feel that in my heart.  I just wanted something different and I knew that going deeper into yoga was the key.  I’m not sure I had the intention of ever leading a classroom full of yogis.  I’m absolutely sure I didn’t think I could or was qualified to.  Still I went for it anyway.

Since leaving college, my life has felt like a series of trips, literally and metaphorically.  Literally, I have gotten on a plane and flown off into the unknown multiple times.  Figuratively, I feel like objects have been placed on my path that I have had the fortune to stumble upon and trip over, praying that the ground will be soft when I land.  Looking back over the string of choices and decisions I made I can’t help but see now how they all connect.  Then I couldn’t have imagined I would be lucky enough to live this life.

After leaving Africa, I was insanely nervous.  I didn’t have a clue where I wanted to go, what I wanted to do or how I would even find out.  I was lost.  My biggest dreams had already come true and I had to dream up a new one.  I figured learning more about yoga could help pass the time while I figured out my big life plan.

Then yoga training was over.  Still no plan.  Yoga didn’t seem like a good enough plan.  Not for a college-educated world-travelled woman like myself.  Why not?  I have a story to tell.  I have things to teach and things yet to learn.  I resisted it.  I took a job as a Program Director for a camp.  Things didn’t go well and I ran into the open arms of Inner Spirit Studio.  The owner there was kind enough to give me a chance to prove my skills.  I have been proving them and improving them ever since.

Entrance into this world has not been lined with roses.  All paths to dreams worth chasing seem to be lined with potholes and barbed-wire fences.  A few cuts and bruises couldn’t stop me.  A self-starter I was not.  Yet I chose a path that is nothing but self-driven.  In order to be of the highest service I must be able to take care of myself.

One year ago, preparing for this course, I could not have foreseen this outcome.  It is far beyond what I could have dreamt for myself.  I know that I have far to go and I can go so many different places and choose to help so many different people with the skills I am crafting.  I hope to one day create and run programs for teens.  Or maybe run an ashram for autism.  Or maybe organize life-changing retreats.  I want to learn massage and more about nutrition.

I’m grateful that I fell into yoga teaching.  I am glad that I “had nothing else to do.”  It seems strange to say it that way, but that is how it feels.  It was nothing more than a happy accident, or perhaps a plan of greater design than my own mind.  Either way, here I am… and HERE I GO!


2 thoughts on “In the beginning

  1. This sounds very familiar! I took the teacher training course because one of my teachers suggested it, and because I wasn’t gaining ground of my generic life-goal of “teach something”. I think teaching yoga has changed me in some subtle, surprising ways – it’s steering me in kind of a funny way, but so have a lot of other things in my life so far. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Dido! I just finished teaching a beautiful class of 20 retired people… when it finished and I had all these happy changing bodies in the room… I felt the “wow” that only an inspired yoga teacher can feel. Your heart opens up and the channeling begins… right? Love it. Thanks for sharing 😉

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