Current Events in Yoga

In history class we had to read an article on what was currently going on in the world.  Here are a few articles I thought I would share from the yoga world.

I read in the latest issue of Yoga Journal that the Cleveland Clinic now employs a full time yoga teacher for staff and patients to attend classes.  It is great that yoga is starting to be recognized by such an esteemed program as a valuable therapeutic tool.

Yoga Discussion: Is Yoga for Narcissists : This is a great collection of articles from the New York Times, discussing what part the ego plays in yoga, especially focused on yoga ego in the Western culture.  I most enjoyed Why Are We Having This Conversation by Sarah Miller.

Strength Focus Balance aka Adam Levine does Yoga: Celebrity endorsement of yoga is a double edged sword, sometimes making me angry because it makes a spiritual practice a pop culture phenomenon and sometimes overjoying me because it is bringing awareness to yoga.  Once people are hooked, they may want to learn more.  Adam Levine, who has been practicing for 5 years, was recently featured in Men’s Health Magazine (see his side crow below).  I thought this article did a nice job of encouraging people to start where they are at and not need to push push push.  Levine says, “There’s nothing to win in yoga. You just do what you can do, one day to the next.”

Confessions of a Loved & Hated Ashtangi: In this article from Elephant Journal, celebrity yogi Kino McGregor explains some of her choices.  It is nice to see someone open up about their imperfections, but also stay strong in their choices.  She receives a lot of criticism and she seems to handle it here with grace.

And I leave you with this video of what is going on in everyone’s head during yoga:


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