Cold remedies

This past week I came down with a head cold (hence the no blogging).  Here are a few of the things that make me feel better and I believe speed up my recovery.

1) WATER!  Drink lots of it.  More than you think you need.  It will flush out your system.

2) Water with Lemon and Cayenne.  This spicy lemonade mixture gets you drinking more water and also breaks up phlegm and flushes you out.  It is great for everyday use but I especially rely on it when I have a cold.

3) Sleep.  Get lots of extra sleep.  I like to take NyQuil for two nights when I’m sick and get an extra hour or two of sleep.  It helps you get through the next day and gives your body time to fight off the nasty bugs without having to concentrate on any other task.

4) Eat light and clean.  As a rule I try to eat as much unprocessed food as possible.  But during an illness I eat especially well, giving my body the best chance at a fast recovery.  The less my body has to work on digesting a heavy meal, the better I feel.

5) Light yoga practice.  I don’t kick yoga completely out during the time I have a cold.  I like to do sun salutations, as they clean out the nasal passages and allow me to breathe!  Even if it only works for a short time it is still a relief.

6) Know when to give in to your cold-induced laziness and when to push yourself.  This is just a know-thyself rule.  But it is important.  I wanted to call out of work so many times, but I went and it actually helped me feel better!

What are your little cold tricks?


4 thoughts on “Cold remedies

  1. Glad you are feeling great again. My favorite all time remedy for colds or flu — which I don’t get because I do this when I feel something coming on — okay — I’m going to use the ‘E’ word — it really works! Enema. There. I’ve said it. Its a miracle worker. PEACE-

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