Meditation Monday

Here is a short meditation to start your week right:

Find a comfortable seat.
Close your eyes and bring your focus to your breath.
Lengthen the inhales and exhales, creating deep even breaths.
Feel the breath draw down into the body, grounding through the sitz bones as you inhale and circle back up the spine and out the crown of the head as you exhale.
Envision everyone in the room (or maybe building if you are alone) breathing together.
Expand your vision slowly to envision all people on your street, then your town, your state, etc until you bring awareness to the whole earth breathing together.
Hold this vision for a few minutes, noticing any feelings that come up as you envision the whole earth breath as parts of a whole.
If you want you can then bring to mind someone with whom you feel disconnected and repeat. Hold this person in your mind’s eye and perhaps dedicate your practice to them for the next few days.

How did you feel?



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