We are all looking for ways to connect.  Yoga is all about connection.  To “Feel and be felt,” as Ze Frank says.  Here are some ways he is using the internet to help people do just this.

Ze Frank appeared at TED2004 with a comedic talk about his experiences making “web toys”.  In the serious moments of the talk it becomes apparent that he sees these seemingly silly projects as much more than internet memes.  They are art projects, collaborations, ways for people to connect over a large anonymous network.  I have to admit that is pretty amazing.  He says:

And so, what I’ve done is, I started getting interestedin creating online social spaces to share that feelingwith people who don’t consider themselves artists…

…It’s peripheral activities, like these,that allow people to get together, doing fun things.They actually get to know each other,and it’s sort of like low-threshold peripheral activities that I think are the keyto bringing up some of our bonding social capitalthat we’re lacking.

Watch the video

Truly it is nothing short of amazing that he is able to get people to participate in these easy everyday projects.  He creates a record, an archive of the mundane importance of lives all around the world.

In a later talk in 2010, he opens up about more of his projects.  You can see his passion.  His true love for people, wanting them to interact in ways we never knew possible.  Using the internet to comfort and connect.

I get to connect to people.Isn’t it amazing?Through that, I connect to people.And the way that I’ve been doing ithas been multifaceted.For example, I get people to dress up their vacuum cleaners.

In this video he explains one of his many projects, the chillout song.  Watch the video below or go here to read the full story, but basically a woman emailed asking for a little ditty she could sing to herself when she’s feeling the tensions of the world, when everything feels overwhelming and scary.  Something to calm her down, to chillout.

So he wrote a song and sent out a sample asking people to record themselves singing it.  He compiled them into a chorus and came out with this:

Amazing, right?

Watch the whole story:


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