This tip totally changed my life!

If you have a problem with smelly yoga clothes, even after washing this tip will help you.

Yoga clothes wreak.  Even after being washed.  Even if you spray them down with perfume and fabreze and maybe rub a little deodorant on for good measure.  So what do you do?

Soak them in vinegar!

I read this tip on a blog awhile ago (couldn’t find the link…).  It works like a charm.

I like to throw the offensive clothing into the washer and run it on a rinse/spin only cycle.  I let the clothes sit for 15 minutes after running them in the water and then wash them as I would normally.

It would work just as well to soak them in a bath and then run them in the washer, however running the vinegar through the washer serves to clean the washer as well so it is a two for one!

I do this with all my yoga clothes about once a week, or every other week depending on how many times I do yoga.

Hope this helps!!


7 thoughts on “This tip totally changed my life!

  1. upnsoul

    Great tip, cheers! I use eucalyptus for the smelly clothes. Usually a fabric conditioner that has eucalyptus in it. Smells really nice coming out of the washer as well. But I will give vinegar a go next time 🙂

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