Beautiful Blogger Award

Many days ago I received the Beautiful Blogger Award from Cassandra of her name was cassandra.  I love everything about Cassandra’s blog.  She is open and funny and writes about yoga, writing and life in a relatable way.  I love this post, about being Unapologetically Narcissistic, which prompted me to write this post.  Her writing is also worth a gander.  I especially love Empty Room.  Go read.  Be inspired.  Then come back and read 7 random things about me.

I am supposed to pick 15 bloggers to pass this on to, however I am following in her steps and nominating 3.

1.  The most beautiful blogger I know is Alyson of  Six Imposserous Things. Her photos (check out these ones of Holi) are captivating and her insights always smack me over the head in the best way (see if this doesn’t throw you for a loop!).

2.  Theresa of Taozi Tree Yoga has the best insights into living a full yogic life.  This post on Bramacharya was particularly well-thought out.

3. Birdwrites was the first blog I followed.  I love the vulnerability and openness that comes through her writing.  I also love all the little projects she posts.  This post about a spider she named Patrick was just so adorable I had to share.

7 random things about Jennifer:

1. I was a synchronized swimmer throughout my youth.  I swam in competitions around the tri-state area.

2. I hate the wallpaper in my bathroom, but there is a swirl in the pattern that reminds me of an angel that somehow began to remind me of my grandmother and I will be sad when we finally get around to taking it down.

3. I love taking trains and buses.

4. I got robbed in Namibia while in a car.  This led to an adventure trying to find the proper police to report to, which though it led no where was kind of interesting.

5. My favorite food is salad, because it can be anything you want it to be.

6. I am terrible at games because I cannot pay attention to the order of turns or the rules and then I usually get bored.  Drinking games are even worse.  Though I always have fun.

7. I’ve never seen The Notebook.  Apparently this is some sort of crime.


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