On my wall

Here are a few of the articles, videos and pictures I have shared recently.  I loved them so much I thought I would put them up on my wall here!

1. Dove Real Beauty Sketches : This campaign is fabulous!  I wonder how I would fare in creating an accurate sketch of myself.  I definitely think the women look more like their partner’s description than their own!  Check the website for more videos.

2. Branko Return to Auschwitz : This video is haunting.  A short documentary about the producer of Schindler’s List returning to Auschwitz for his bar mitzvah.  The end where he fears that people will forget the atrocities of the Holocaust is heartbreaking.  I have met survivors and for their sake and our own I feel it is so important to educate the next generation.

3. This article on the Boston bombing expands on what I was trying to get at yesterday in as tasteful a way as possible.


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