A parable

Cutting off the bacon

A newly wed husband noticed that his wife always cut the ends off the bacon and asked her why she did that. She replied that she did it because her mother always did it. So the man asked the mother why she always cut the ends of the bacon off. Her reply was that she did it because her mother had always done it. So the man went to grandma and asked her the same question. She solved the mystery by explaining that she had always cut off the end of the bacon because her frying pan was too small.

Blindly following tradition can sometimes be limiting.  It is good to go to the roots of a tradition.  Seeking out the sutras and other ancient texts is a must for yogis.  However, once the tradition is understood there may be room for change and improvement.  Doing something just because that is how it has always been done is not always for the best, or at least not always necessary.


story credit: http://shamakern.com/should-you-study-thai-massage-in-thailand/


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