We all want acceptance from those around us. Especially from those we love. While on a walk the other day I asked for guidance on how to let go of the icky feeling I had that I was not being accepted. This is what I heard. The italics are the thoughts I had that seemed to propel this voice to tell me more.

Help me let go of the need for acceptance.

Accept the person for how they accept you.

And then…?

And then… There is nothing more to do. The person already accepts you into their life in the way they know how. It is your desire to be accepted the way you see yourself and not the way that they see you that causes pain. When you have accepted how this person accepts you, you will no longer care what he/she thinks of you but instead be able to be fully yourself in their space without trying to fit what he/she needs. By not caring about what they think, but rather caring enough to accept them as they are, you become the example they need. By being yourself and not placing judgement on the other for how they judge you, you break the cycle and allow room for each individual to be who they are without fear. When they have lost fear of who they are, they are less likely to fear who you are.

This is what is meant by liberation.

You become the light. Your light repels the darkness so that you are able to keep shining. A flame might bend in the wind to allow it to move past. You may bend to others, but a flame that bends too far will go out. Bend around the wind. Better yet, catch the wind. Set fire to the world. This is the way you become the light of the world. Set fire to it and bring along everything in you path. Do it not in the NAME of the Lord but rather with his breath. His breath shall be the wind that spreads the fire with which you were born. The one the world is trying to extinguish.

This is the Holy Spirit, which is represented by wind and fire.

You must fan the flame with the breath of the Spirit and nothing else. Pray that yor flame be cuaght up in the universal fire. Pray that you have the passion and the momentum to take all you meet higher into the flames. Then keep praying.



Playlists done for you

In lui of a playlist I created, check out Songza.  This is a my new favorite website (and smartphone app!) for streaming music.  The site is full of ready made playlists by DJs.  Although it may seem like all the other streaming sites, Songza differentiates itself by being free and without commercials.  It also allows you to filter by mood, genre, decade and activity.  One downside is you cannot request a song or artist that you like, however, the descriptions of the playlists are spot on and you get what they say you get.  There are mixes for working, sleeping, partying, even yoga.

Some of my favorite playlists are:

Yoga: Elevation of Spirit (found under Activities>Yoga)


At a 90s School Dance

The Golden Age of Boy Bands

Feelin’ Good in the 90s


Go check it out!!