Why You Should Do Yoga Even When You’re Unemployed [guest blog]

Guest blog by Melissa of Mel Loves Food

Unemployment sucks.  Whether it is because you got laid off or because you couldn’t find a job in the first place, it sucks. It sucks to wake up knowing that the only two items on your to do list is (1) send a whole bunch of job applications and (2) wait.

But talking about things that suck isn’t very productive, is it?

Instead of feeling, well, sucky, you should continue (or start up) your yoga practice.  Here is why:

  1. It forces you to focus on your breath.  And in focusing on your breath, you are forced to not think about other things.  In that meditation time you can provide yourself with a lot of great clarity as to where you should head next with your career.

  2. It provides balance.  Your life, especially your finances, seem incredibly unstable at this time.  It is also during this time that when you are trying to do a simple tree pose you end up face planting.  However, once you get there it feels like an amazing victory.  Once you find the balance in your body, you can learn to balance the rest of your life.

  3. It gets you moving.  Anyone who is unemployed can tell you that one of the most important things to do is to get moving.  In the famous words of Elle Woods “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy.”  You can beat the unemployment blues by immersing yourself into your practice.

  4. You can meet people.  The other thing you will hear a lot if you are unemployed is that you need to meet people in order to get a job.  Going to the studio will help you do that.  Before class, strike up a conversation with your fellow classmates.  You never know if one of them can turn into a potential job lead.


7 thoughts on “Why You Should Do Yoga Even When You’re Unemployed [guest blog]

  1. There are quite few free yoga videos online via YouTube so that isn’t expensive like going to a studio. Heck, I’m considering filming a few myself as I’m a government civilian who is getting furloughed this summer. (Losing hours so our government can fix the budget). Gotta have something to do with my time. Why not. But you are right, being unemployed is very stressful and having a yoga practice will definately help.

  2. A lot of smaller, boutique studios offer work-study programs or trades or payment plans if you talk to the owners! We have an extensive work-study program at our place.

  3. Community classes are also a great option. Great post. It’s when things are toughest that we should make sure we are on our mats more. Easier said than done, but a solid asana practice can provide the clarity we need to take those important next steps.

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