Cry, cry, cry…if you can

Sometimes you just need to cry.  Sometimes you need it so bad.  There is tension in your shoulders and a pain in your heart.  You know that tears will relieve it.  They won’t come.

You try to coax them out.  Breathe into the pain.  Sink your mental teeth into the saddest thought you can find and tear it apart, wait for the flood.  Still it doesn’t come.

You court them like a lover.  Romance them with sad songs and maudlin movies.  Share a glass of wine, or three.  They’ve broken up with you without any notice.

Maybe you try other outlets.  Hip openers.  Running.  Journaling with angry words and capital letters.  Picking fights.  Memories.  Pictures.


All you feel is empty.



You wait.  They will come.


Tell me what you think.

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