A Year Ago

I started teaching about a year ago. Here is a little reflection on my journey.



Change my Mind

I love to change my mind about something.  There are times to stand firm on your beliefs, and times when rigidity hinders growth.  I always disliked Sara Bareilles’s songs.  I can’t tell you why.  I know she has talent.  But I just did not enjoy them.  Then came ‘Brave’.  It’s catchy.  I loved singing along with it.  I still wasn’t sold on Sara though.

This morning I heard Ms. Bareillis play live on XM radio.  She was talking about her songs and what they meant to her.  9 out of 10 times this will convert me.  First off her singing was so clear it sounded pre-recorded (I’m still not convinced it wasn’t).  Plus, she explicitly stated that she does not like going to concerts where the artist simply plays the album.  This is my philosophy.  If I buy a ticket to a show, I want a little flair.  I want to see that this person is a true artist.

So I changed my mind.  I like Sara Bareillis now.  No one else could have convinced me of her value to the music world.  I had to discover it myself.  Like always.  And I’m glad I did.


You cannot fix the world

This quote comes from the article “Social Justice Burning you out? Stop Trying to Change the World.”

“Our aim is not to put an end to all darkness but our aim is to be a light in the darkness.

It’s the difference between being in a pitch black cave and trying to transform the entire cave into a beacon of light versus being in a pitch black cave and steadily and faithfully holding our one lit candle.  One of these is overwhelming and impossible.  The other will change the world.

Have you realized you don’t have to change the whole world to change the world?  If you help someone, you’ve changed their world, and that is definitely changing the world.

Although we cannot fix the world, we can certainly change it.”

We have the power to change the world.  We have the power to impact our world, which in turn impacts the world of others.  Each day we have the choice to change our world for the better or worse.  Each choice is a stone thrown in water, sending ripples from your world out into the world at large.  Make conscious choices.  You can change the world.


I cried in savasana last night.  It was a beautiful clean cry.  The type that leaves your feeling so alive.  This was what I wrote in my journal after.

I miss miss miss.  I miss everything about my African life.  And yet I go on.  I keep trucking because I love this life I am living now and the possibility it is creating.  But with each door opening, I hear the creak of the hinges as another door shuts.  I chose this.  I chose to turn my back, at least for the time being, on my life there, on Africa.  And I will turn my back again and again in this life so that I may face forward in a new direction. The only constant in life is change.

I turn my back to face the sunshine.  I let the dead leaves fall to the earth, absorbed into the earth, memories to feed my roots.  I turn, soaking up the light, basking in the glory of this moment; this time NOW. There is no other, for tomorrow the sun will shift and I must turn my face once more towards the light.