No Man is an Island

Yoga helps us to go inward and connect with our higher self, the Seer.  But we are still part of a community.  No matter whether we want to be or not.  

This week in class I read a quote that has always stuck with me from Dawson’s Creek.  The main character Joey is having a conversation with her college professor about Walden Pond by Thoreau:

Mr. Kasden: [reading from a book] “Near the end of March, 1845, I borrowed an axe and went down to the woods by Walden pond. Nearest to where I…”

Mr. Kasden: What’s the most important word in that sentence?

Joey: Woods?

Mr. Kasden: Borrowed. The important thing to remember about The Transcendentalists, is that while self-reliance is a most admirable trait, Thoreau wasn’t really all that alone out there by Waldon pond. He had neighbour’s, friends, people he could rely on. We should all be so lucky.

Each of us is part of a larger community.  We have our family and friends, acquaintances and strangers.  These people have helped us to get where we are today.  We are all connected to these networks of people, these nets that hold us and keep us from smashing to pieces on the ground.

The great thing about community, large and small, is that they are there to support us in our endeavors.  In this business of yoga and “finding ourselves” it takes more than a mat to get us to enlightenment.  We need the people around us to help us grow.  It can be as simple as needing someone to watch your kids while you go to class or having a buddy ask how your practice is going to remind you someone cares.  These people lift us up and support us.

Directly after the quote read by Mr. Kasden, Thoreau goes on to say.

It is difficult to begin without borrowing, but perhaps it is the most generous course thus to permit your fellow-men to have an interest in your enterprise.

Allowing other people into our story brings it to life.  Think about how it feels when a friend shares their goal with you.  You feel a part of their success.  You take a vested interest in their endeavor.

To this end, I have started a small meditation support group with a few of my friends.  I had wanted to include more meditation in my daily life and I asked for the support of my friends to push me along and keep me honest.  Today is day 10 of 30.  One-third of the way to the goal.  It has been great to hear feedback from others going on the same journey and having people who care how I am doing with my goal.

Is there something you’d like to achieve?  Can you invite someone along to motivate and support you?  I never knew how good help was until I asked for it!


Sharing is Caring

I wanted to share this new site I found with all of you. It is called ChallengeLoop. Here you can sign up for challenges and win prizes! All you have to do is follow the challenge and post about your progress. If you have posted a certain number of times during the challenge you are entered into a drawing. There are all different sorts of challenges with all different types of prizes. If you are looking for a way to stick to and reach a goal, such as staying sugar free for 2 weeks or stick to an exercise goal, this is a way to work towards a little something more than a svelte figure. They even have a smartphone app to help you log your efforts on the go!

This month I started the 2013 Yoga Challenge by @yoga_girl.

The Challenge:

Kick start 2013 by challenging yourself to practice yoga every day of the first month of 2013!

#yogaeverydamnday – make it your New Year’s Resolution to practice daily for all of January. Practicing daily does not mean you have to take a full sweaty 90-minute class every single day (if you can make that happen, great!) but can be a 30 minute gentle stretch before bed or sun salutes in the morning… Whatever counts as a practice to you. As long as you make time to breathe and move (or not move – meditation is yoga too!) every day! This is not a challenge where you take a picture of yourself in a yoga pose once a day, but a real challenge of making a commitment to your body, soul and mind… more

The Prize:

The ultimate yoga package! One lucky winner gets a prize of lovely yoga goodness: yoga wear, yoga mat, jewelry and more. Sponsors include YogaEarth, Drop Of Mindfulness, LuvMat and Blooming Lotus Jewelry

Click through and join me in The Loop!!

10 years down the road… [prose]

Yesterday at teacher training we were joined by Bridgewater Lululemon Assistant Manager, Britanny.  She led us through the goal setting, one of the core principles of the company – second only to high quality, high priced, kick-ass yoga clothes.  One exercise had us lying on our backs in the dark with our eyes closed visualizing what our life is like 10 years from today.  I do not see things when I visualize but rather feel words.  These are the words I felt.  

[  It looks like this life look but 10 years down the road.  It looks unpredictable yet safe.  Restless but happy.  It looks green and luscious and I am full of sunshine. I am light on my feet and moving, moving, always moving.  I am beautiful and graceful and his is strong, whoever he may be.  He is solid and kind and has rough hands from work, but a gentle touch.

I am growing things, marvelous things.  I am going and growing and staying and spending time with earth and people and god and silence.

I am writing and dancing and sharing and singing and my friends come and cook the green and we eat and laugh and pray.

It looks a lot like this life looks but 10 years down the road.  It looks like me.  ]

How do you see yourself in ten years?  What feelings do you want to have?  What colors do you see?  Who is there with you?  Sit with it for a minute.  

For more information see #readysetgoals! (a Lululemon blog).