Pass the Spliff [playlist]

Reggae inspire playlist.


Beginner’s Mind [playlist]

A playlist full of covers, giving a new perspective to some very popular songs.  Some of the covers are different than the ones that I included on my list so I captured the itunes list.  Some of the songs were things I grabbed years ago from various sources, so I am not sure where they can be found today.  Some were just not available on Spotify.  Scroll down to listen.


Playlists done for you

In lui of a playlist I created, check out Songza.  This is a my new favorite website (and smartphone app!) for streaming music.  The site is full of ready made playlists by DJs.  Although it may seem like all the other streaming sites, Songza differentiates itself by being free and without commercials.  It also allows you to filter by mood, genre, decade and activity.  One downside is you cannot request a song or artist that you like, however, the descriptions of the playlists are spot on and you get what they say you get.  There are mixes for working, sleeping, partying, even yoga.

Some of my favorite playlists are:

Yoga: Elevation of Spirit (found under Activities>Yoga)


At a 90s School Dance

The Golden Age of Boy Bands

Feelin’ Good in the 90s


Go check it out!!